Submission – Broadcast

March 6, 2000

Broadcasting Act,1999, amended 2009

South Africa’s Broadcasting Act passed in 1999 and amended a number of times including most recently in 2009. Broadcasting_Act
June 14, 2000

SABC Commission of Enquiry into Blacklisting and Related Matters – 2006

The Sisulu Commission of Enquiry into the blacklisting controversies at the SABC. The report was never officially released. However it was leaked to the press and […]
July 25, 2000

SOS submission – Draft Broadcasting Amendment Bill – 25 July 2008

This is the SOS Coalition’s first submission. It was made to Parliament. The focus was the “MPs Bill” i.e. the Draft Broadcasting Amendment Bill. SOS agreed […]
August 5, 2008

SOS Oral Submission – Draft Broadcasting Amendment Bill – 5 August 2008

SOS made its first oral submission to the Communications Portfolio Committee on the 5th of August 2008. In this submission, SOS included its own Draft Bill […]