Demanding Broadcasting in the Public Interest

SOS has traditionally been very vocal in our efforts to demand broadcasting in the public interest. SOS is currently involved in two litigation actions against the SABC.

Legal Case 1: Appointment of executives to the Board of the SABC.

SOS, Media Monitoring Africa and FXI have taken the Minister of Communications Faith Muthambi to court in terms of her power to veto the appointment of executives to the Board of the SABC. This includes the Group Chief Executive Officer, Group Chief Operating Officer and Group Chief Financial Officer. SOS believes that the SABC is a public broadcaster not a state broadcaster and the Minister should have NO say in the appointment of executives – particularly the GCEO who plays the role of Editor-in-Chief. At a practical level SOS also notes the ongoing instability that has been created at the SABC by various Ministers’ interventions as regards appointments.

More information here .

Legal Case 2: SABC selling the national archive ti TV operator MultiChoice 

Media Monitoring Africa, SOS and media group Caxton are taking the SABC to court because of its effective transfer of control of its archives to leading pay-TV operator MultiChoice.The SABC has signed a secret deal with MultiChoice to transfer contol of its archives. On the one hand this is seen as a major competition issue. This is an effective merger between the country’s biggest pay-TV operator and biggest free to air broadcaster. This has significant competition repercussions. But further, MMA and SOS believe that it is a national outrage for the SABC to sell off its public resources, i.e its archive including priceless Nelson Mandela footage, to a commercial pay-TV operator.

More information here.

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