Keep Free TV Free

The fight to keep television free for all continues while as many as 1 million households in South Africa risk being left behind in TV’s digital revolution. South Africa’s migration to digital terrestrial television (DTT) has already started, but the biggest challenge will be ensuring access to this new technology for everyone.
In 2014, together with and you, SOS campaigned hard to secure government’s commitment to set aside 5 million free set-top boxes (decoders) for South Africa’s poorest households. But low wages and the high cost of living being as they are, we believe that more decoders must be made available for free to more people.
We believe that government must make good it’s responsibility to make sure that no household is left behind in this digital revolution. SOS and need your help to make sure that government provides a free decoder to every household earning less than R6500 per month, that relies solely on freeTV. We are asking you to campaign with us to #KeepFreeTVFree!
Here’s why:



For more resources on DTT and what it means for you, download our Activist Handbook on DTT (1.1MB) and our Activist Guide to DTT (969kb).



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